The Anti Ageing Cream - Treat Your Wrinkles With The Right Anti Ageing Cream

Image of Anti Ageing Cream.

Everybody gets old and there is nothing you can do about it. Once you start growing older, the structure of your skin suffers different changes, these changes leading to its complex functions being altered. However, women usually choose to turn to an anti ageing cream for the changes not to be very visible and for them to feel younger.

The dermal and epidermal textures are visibly affected once women reach menopause, this being a consequence of the lower oestrogen levels in their body. The fact that the hormonal levels become lower accelerate the ageing effects on the skin, reducing the collagen levels, the number of elastic fibres and the components of the tissue structures.

The capacity of retaining water is much lower and, moreover, the skin gets thinner and the dermal and epidermal junction becomes flatter, all these leading to the skin having a dry, pale and weakened aspect. Also, the wrinkles appear because the skin loses its elasticity and its density. Women turn to anti ageing creams in order to fix these problems and to fight the wrinkles which appear.

These problems which appear once women each menopause require different interventions on the skin. Different active substances have to be used, such as Arctiin, which is an extremely important component obtained from burdock leaves or Apiaceae-peptide, which derives from aniseed fruits and seeds. It has been demonstrated that Arctiin stimulates the production of collagen and that it reduces the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Given the fact that the chronic inflammation is the one responsible for the ageing effect, this active substance plays a very important role in an anti ageing cream. On the other hand, Apaceae-peptide stimulates the metabolic activity of the fibroblasts in the cells which contribute to the generation of dermal conjunctive tissue.

What Anti Ageing Creams You Can Use

Eucerin has just released an anti ageing cream which combines Arctiin and Apiaceae-peptide is an excellent way. There are two versions of the Eucerin DermoDensifyer cream - the day one and the night one. The day cream is improved with UVA and UVB filters, while the night one is improved with dexpanthenol and vitamin E. The clinical trials done by Eucerin included a number of one hundred thirty-one participants and demonstrated the capacity of the product of effectively reducing the wrinkles, contributing to the elasticity and the firmness of the skin. Also, these anti ageing creams showed a very good compatibility with the skin.

These active substances definitely increase the density of the papillae, as compared to the tests done with the emulsions without ingredients. According to the properties verified in vitro, the other advantages mentioned above are probably the result of the same active substances.

All in all, the Eucerin DermoDensifyer anti ageing cream is an effective and safe treatment against the ageing effects and it has also been approved from a cosmetic and dermatological point of view. Therefore, if you are interested in looking younger, you now have at least one very good solution, but there are numerous other cosmetic brands which produce this kind of anti ageing creams so that you can fight your wrinkles properly.

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